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Do you want to learn Technical Writing and foray into the world of opportunities or want to upskills? We are the only technical writing institute in India to provide complete solution of Tech Comm industries.IDF provide training of DITA, API documentation, Developers Style guides, TechComm Tools, Agile Technical writing etc. Learn the most advanced courses from the global corporate leaders.

Technical Writing

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Everything on the internet is content. Then what is the fuss about content writing? Well, do you consume all the content? No. You stop and give your time to read meaningful, relevant content. Do you want your content to be SEO friendly? Do you want to be mentored by the global leaders and corporate professionals about how to write, get a job, get freelancing work and become the best content writer? Join IDF.

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Do you think there’s going to be a business in blogging? Yes.
The first thing you learn when you’re blogging is that people are one click away from leaving you. So you’ve got to learn from IDF to get to the point, you can’t waste people’s time, you’ve got to give them some value for their limited attention span.Blogging can generate a great deal of traffic to your online business if done professionally.

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How to write a blog?
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Importing track change in PDF output

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Authoring in MadCap Flare and Importing track change in PDF/Word output 
In my new organization, we were writing in the MadCap

Agilism: Following Tenets of Agile on path of Documentation

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Agile technical writer? Agilism can be described as a concept, a doctrine, a philosophy, based on tenets of Agile manifesto

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Diploma in Technical Writing 

Instructor- Rahul Karn

Mode- Online

Starting from 03 March 2018
Fee- 25000 

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Rahul is a great mentor, friend, and guide. He is the most humble person i had ever met. His skills and finesse always fascinates me and motivates me to strike harder and perform even better. He is a bag of knowledge, a perfect luminary and a right mentor for freshers. His teaching style and positive attitude had helped me overcome work related obstacles. I feel motivated talking to Rahul. The sheer dedication he shows while mentoring has no words. In short he is the best and is definitely a valuable asset for any organization.
Rinni Mahajan, Interra Systems
Rahul is a great teacher and mentor. He taught technical writing in a very easy to understand manner. His focus on aligning his teaching with industry is unwavering.
Pankaj Madan
Rahul has always been a great mentor which have helped me realize my true potential resulting in my growth over the years.
Sumit Batra, GlobalLogic
When I joined Apradocs, I had an intuition that I have reached at the right place and under the right person. Rahul Sir, as my mentor for Technical Documentation, taught me all the fundamentals that are required to become a technical expert. Having worked as Senior Technical Specialist for 8 years, he has an extensive industry knowledge. I appreciate his way of teaching that was quite interactive and gave me a first hand experience of what and how a Technical Writer works. From knowing nothing about technical documentation, I had, in three months, acquired extensive knowledge. It was due to his brilliant teaching techniques that I got placed in a good MNC. In fact, almost all his students have got good job placements somewhere or the other. I am thankful to him for all his guidance and hope that he will continue igniting the paths of students as he lighted mine.
Anuradha Malhotra, SaasFocus
Rahul has been a great mentor and teacher to me. He has a good all round knowledge of Technical writing concepts. I had the pleasure of getting taught by him and his immense knowledge and the keen eye for all the concepts is immaculate.
Prashant Negi, NXP
Me and Rahul were stationed at Atos Origin for Documentation by Commit Technologies. During my association with Rahul, I have found him to be thoroughly professional, innovative, and add significant value to any assignment/projects he has been associated with. I rate him for his problem solving skills and ability to explore multidimensional views. What is very noticeable about Rahul and hasn’t changed, is his enthusiasm, unconditional commitment to the task assigned, a go-getter attitude and above all, a great team player.
Manjunath VR, Avago


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Adobe is an exclusive sponsor of  Information Developers Conclave-17. Adobe’s Technical Communication Suite is the world’s most comprehensive solution for technical communication. The TCS Suite includes FrameMaker, RoboHelp, Acrobat, Captivate and Presenter. Adobe FrameMaker is the most comprehensive solution for creating complex, large-volume structured content and all kind of technical communication content. Author, review, manage and publish technical content either “classic” or XML-based. FrameMaker comes with best-in-class XML editing and supports all major structured languages like DITA, S1000D, DocBook, XHTML and customized enterprise information architectures.

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